FMP report

My research question of my final major project is “How a system can encourage international graduates share experiences with fresher and help fresher adapt new university environment quickly”. The purpose of final project is encouraging international graduates to share experiences with others, thus helping fresher accommodates adapt to new university life both quickly and easily. The inspiration is called ‘welcome bag’. As we all know, when fresher moves to the apartment for the first time, they will receive a welcome bag which contains some snakes and tips. It makes fresher feel warm and appreciate. When international fresher leave their country and family to the new places, they can be lonely and confused. Therefore, the welcome bag can decrease the negative effects.

Firstly, according to the questionnaires I conducted, many students are willing to share experiences though social media. However, looking up useful information is not easy. Fresher would only be attracted by experiences that share with similar situations.

I interviewed some graduates and fresher about their feelings and thoughts. As graduates, they usually keep their experiences other than share them with fresher. Because there is no special platform focus on the communication between graduates and fresher. Graduates are glad to provide introductions to fresher. However, if the questions remain repetitive or cost them too much time, graduates would feel uncomfortable or even impatient.

Therefore, I hold a campaign for international graduates. I asked them to write down some special and interesting tips for the fresher. This activity aimed at making the graduates aware of the importance of sharing their experiences to the fresher.

After brainstorm, I figured out three most helpful ideas. One is called ‘balloon trees’, which means graduates can write down their experiences and put them in the balloons. The second one is a mobile application, which acts as a communication-platform for graduates and fresher. And my main idea is called ‘experiences-box’, which includes most useful information provided by the graduates.

Then I did some deeper research and I found a good example. It is called boy-scout keepsake box. I was impressed by the design. Designer tried to preserve a Boy-scout experience into a keepsake box.

Finally, my outcomes turn out to be an ‘experience box’, some posters and a mobile application. The box contains some helpful tips and cards. The mobile application is used for posting photos and sharing experience. Graduates can chat with fresher through this application. Fresher can also know about the ‘experience box’ by this app, they can keep in touch with the box maker and collect it after they arrive.

I have learnt a lot during the process of the final project and had a better understanding of the needs of the users. As a designer, we should always know about the need of the users both clearly and precisely.

Actually, I was a little confused in the beginning and lost the direction. The deeper research helped me out and also brought me inspiration. In the case study section, it took me plenty of time to gather information and divide them into useful and unnecessary.

Some improvements can be achieved during the design section. It requires more drawings and better knowledge of application design. And I do appreciate the great help from my tutors this year.

Reference,(2015). Behance.[online]Available: [Accessed 16 Aug. 2015].


week 45 app design and edit vedio

This week I deigned my app .I want to my app style is a series of welcome package and poster. Moreover, the app is a kind of social media. Thus, I want to design an app focus on graduates and fresher. They can keep in touching with each other, graduates can tell fresher that they left an experience box to them, before fresher go abroad. On the other hand, the app has addressing function, fresher can collect the box though the app.

Then I use software to do a digital draft. When I see the effect I think it is good which I can continue.未标题-1

After that, I use PS to edit the detail. When I was editing I found the app could be posted the photos and some note by users.


Because I could not do a real app so I choose use video to express my app how does it work and the functions of the app. I learnt it from design2 “ smart city”.IMG_6064

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

weeK 44 Research and make box

I found a good example of a welcome package. It called boy-scout keepsake box. I like the designing very much, including the package design and inside design.

It inspired me a lot. Designer tried to preserve a Boy-scout experience into a keepsake box. The logo seems like army and flight. Moreover, the compass means the danger and direction of the war. Designer think more about

IMG_0075 IMG_0078 IMG_0081 IMG_0083

– the needs of users

-the function of the box.

-what the box look like


That is the same I have to think about.


My purpose of the experience box is encourage graduates to save experience in the box. So my box has to be easy to carry and light. I choose paperboard to make it and I found it is still too thin.

CIMG9028 CIMG9029 IMG_6013 IMG_6015

This problem make me feel sad. Then I stick another paper together make my box much harder and stronger. The process to make a box is really difficult to me, because I should cut the border of paper carefully and stick together. Another reason I chose paper as material is I want to fresher feel more amiable .Compare with the wood box, I think paper box is much warmer.



Reference:, (2015). Behance. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Aug. 2015].

week 44 poster design

This week I designed some posters. At the beginning I rough roughly some poster,then I choose four of them. The posters should be animportant part of my exhibition

The next one l like is only use two colors to express thedifference between have experience and without experience.The ballon like a surprise to fresher and give some support to them.Moreover, the color which I choose is the same as my box.

Firstly, I designed a poster which has ballon and box. The ballon means experience and dream. International student go abroad to study, they have  ambitions to study well and do their best .

IMG_6192 IMG_6193 IMG_6194 IMG_6198 IMG_6199

The ballon like a surprise to fresher and give some support to them. Moreover, the color which I choose is the same as my box.


The next one l like is only use two colors to express the difference between have experience and without experience. If students have experiences they can adapt new environment quickly and easily. This mood of this poster is strong and emotional.


Then,I designed a box poster. It is easy to understand and it could be express the purpose clearly. I drew a 3D box and took photos  . Connecting them means put real and valuable experience in the box.


The last one is using paper make it. I think students usually hide and keep their experiences by themselves. Therefore I encourage students can share their experiences with others and express this situations to people. I hope this poster can catch people’s attention to this issue未标题-1.

After I designing all the poster I think the box one which could develop more. Because I think posters should a series and my other posters are difficult to design more.


week 43 box design rough roughy and editing

This week I researched how to make a box by myself. There are a lot of steps which I need measure carefully. After my  brainstorm  I choose one of the best one  I think .Then I put my design on the box.This is a simple box which how to make .

IMG_5834_副本  IMG_5835_副本


The colour which I design green because when people saw green ,they will image that forecast ,campus and refreshment . On the other hand, I believe that green can responsible for university. And I use flower circle to be my logo. The reason is experience box like welcome package. Therefore, flower circle make fresher feel warm and happy when they arrive the place which they never come before.

At the bottom of the box .There are same characters on the both sides. People can recognize it is “welcome“. However, they are not whole part. The missing part which I want to fresher can complete the letter. when graduates leave this box to fresher , they can finish another part in the university depend on the experience. So if students have some experiences and their own thinking, they can do much better.

The last I use PS to edit my box.

未标题-1 QQ截图20150815184352


YouTube, (2015). How To Make Your Own Paper Box. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Aug. 2015].

week 42 simple recycle box and logo design

this week is the first week which without tutorial, I started to design my outcome. Firstly, I miss some question about my box which can be put some tips inside. I should decide my designing style. Then, I did some research about the welcome pack in university.

This is a simple pack to recycle in the UK university, this box only has a few items and a few words, the Open University has already got infinitely more excited and positive The fact that people feel bothering to take pictures of the course material and write this blog post is evidence of that at first. Then this bow is so useful and amazing. We can put some clothes and other staff which we don’t need。 The  idea encourage people do that because the logo is from recycling, It means that the recycling box could be used again.

                                  IMG_0079-150x150 IMG_0078-150x150

“Design Thinking’ is something of a buzz phrase at the moment, at least in my social and professional circles. Had I paid more attention to the course title, I may well have decided against enrolling, on the basis that I’m a contrary bugger and don’t want to be seen doing something that’s in vogue.1 Fortunately, I made my decision to sign up from reading the course description. It’s something I’m interested in just out of personal interest but it also happens to be useful to me professionally, as well.’” Designer has an interesting idea.

From that I start to design my box, I hope the box is affective and interesting, it can encourage graduates to record their life , at the same time, they will leave some notes and other staff of life. Also I  start to design the style of app.

After that , I designed the logo. My project is a box, which called “tips of graduates to fresher”, the main propose of this title is want to encourage international graduates record their life when they study in UK or other country, also fresher can accept the box. The box could be in apartment and camp like welcome pack.

I want to use flower to express the welcome meaning . And the colour is green to show the camp in university, and then using different words types. I want to use painting way to show the flower, because its more nature and close the life.

00BA914ACBCA69802C6BBC27483A3357_副本 08BA22601752864335A11B7A2BA54F0F_副本

Week 41 – workshop & tutorial


On Monday we have final presentation with all the tutorial groups of Jacky. We talked the process of our project and shared ideas.

6 5 4 3

After my brainstorm I choose three of all the ideas. One of them is a balloom tress which students can write their experiences and put it in the balloon, then other students can take out it by needle. The next one is app which focus on graduates and fresher. There aresome professional poser and experiences from graduates . However,   my main original idea is making an experiences box from international graduates to international fresher. According to my research, I want to fresher can adapt the environment quickly and feel warm when they come to the new place.

8 10

The inspiration is welcome bag ,when fresher move to apartment firstly they will receive a welcome bag which is some snakes inside. It makes fresher feel so warm and appreciate. Because when international fresher leave their country and family to the new places, they are so lonely and confused. Therefore, the welcome bag can decrease the negative sides.


Then, my idea is encourage international graduates can leave their experiences to fresher which called experience box. Students can leave maps, notes, plans and other staff which they think it is useful and meaningful, when fresher move to new room they will accept it .The box not only encourage international graduate to record and share their experience ,but also they can help fresher.

The advise from my tutor Jacky and the member of tutorial group , I also could create an app which connect graduated and fresher before fresher move in. It also an communication way to help them.

Workshop Record

we had Dr Jane Birkin to present advices on exhibition and FMP final outcomes on Wednesday We looked at her process sketchbook and book for both FMP work and exhibition graphics. Then we talked about our project title, the possible icon and data we got with Jane and Jackie.

After short talk with June, I decided my project title is tip of graduates to fresher. And I the logo of my project. I can do a data of my research.